Athleteshop Review - Do not buy from this webshop. You lose your money

Athleteshop - Do not buy from this webshop. You lose your money


Never received the product. It is not in stock and has not been in stock for the past 2 months. On the website however they mentioned delivery within 3 days, no mention that the item is not available. Once you order, it gets dragged from week to week. They do not inform you, you have to chase them to know that (again) there was a new delay. It is used to lock you in, show a nice product with a good discount, but you never receive it. In fact, once you pay you have to hope to ever get refund (still waiting for my money), plus they keep the transport costs, so as customer you always lose.

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Beware! Items promoted might not be available
Do not inform client that delivery is not happening
Do not refund right amount but keep the transport costs
Still waiting for my refund, hope that it will indeed be refunded

Marina Tog beveelt Athleteshop NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

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